Wallace Street Surgery

Fees and costs

Wallace Street Surgery at this stage is a privately funded medical facility and is being developed without any Government financial support or grants. These initial fees have been set with the objective of covering the cost of providing and maintaining a medical service to the community (expenses related to maintaining facilities, clinical material, IT systems, staff wages) as well as paying for the doctor’s expertise, responsibility and time, including when patients are not present.  The fees are an integral part of ensuring the viability of the Surgery and as such, will be reviewed together with the cost of maintaining the service sometime in the future.


As you are aware, the Medicare rebate for patients provided by the Australian Government does not cover the full cost of the service, therefore there is a so called "Gap".

Wallace Street Surgery is a mixed-billing practice


Payment is required at the time of your visit. The Surgery will use on-line Medicare billing. The ‘Gap’ is the amount you pay after receiving the Medicare rebate, that is, the actual cost to you.


Your fee will depend on the type of consultation, depending on the time required. Please advise Reception of the likely length of the appointment at the time of making your booking and ask for the likely fee involved.

Other costs

Some vaccines are funded by the Government and are provided at no cost e.g. childhood vaccines. In other cases, advance arrangements can be made with the Chemist and you will be asked to bring the item(s) with you for your appointment.


We do not bill Workcover direct for medical expenses as they do not cover the full cost of the service. You are billed as normal and you will need to seek reimbursement from your employer or Workcover.

Repeat prescriptions

For your safety, the decision as to whether to issue a repeat prescription will be made by the doctor after reviewing your medical record.


There may be times when we may not be able to issue your prescription and request you to attend an appointment. Please allow 2 working days for this to be arranged.

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